[ This guide attempts to provide directions for visitors to our site on how to move around/navigate the website in a clear, concise manner. ]



The URL for this website is - www.littlehawkgroup.com

When you first arrive at our website, you would most likely land on our homepage.  This homepage screen reveals a birdeye's view of our site at a glance. It gives the overall picture of what can be expected of the site.

Our Homepage is setup with the following sections for easy and orderly navigation

  1.  THE HEADER SECTION:                                                                                                                                                  - - this comprises of
  • the site's LOGO (top left hand corner of the Homepage screen) - self explanatory.
  • the TOP MENU BAR (to the right of the Logo)

-the TOP MENU BAR comprises the Home/Category/Cart/My Account buttons linking to the various relevant sections of the site.

The Home button takes you to the Homepage screen.

The Category button links all the products listed on the site and arranges them according to similar type groupings.  Each grouping is given a descriptive name closely describing the type of products being grouped within each group.  These varying groupings are classified as Categories and any sub groupings within each groups are identified as sub-categories and then, the next level down would be the sub-sub-categories.

The Cart button is pretty much self explanatory.  It takes you to the shopping cart screen where you will be able view your selected items to checkout.  This Cart button is created and positioned on the top MENU BAR to enable visitors on mobilephones to easily access their cart items and to checkout.

My Account button is where returning customers logs in.  This is where the customer's transaction history and other details are recorded for the customer's convenience.

  • the shopping cart icon (top right hand corner of the Homepage screen)                                                                          - this cart icon provides visitors/customers a brief indication of how many items are already placed into the shopping cart system and the total value of all items in the cart. If you hovers the mouse above the cart icon, it will just show you the first few items that you had added to the cart.  To get the full listing of all items in the shopping cart system, you will need to click on the TOP MENU BAR's Cart button. This Cart button will display full information of what's already in the shopping cart for you to check-out.
  • just directly below the top MENU BAR is the Search Bar                                                                                                    - the Search Bar allows you to search for any products listed on the site using identifying keywords and/or selecting a Category identifier.  Using just keywords would normally suffice but narrowing the search through additional Category selection would allow a more targeted result.