Getting to the Root of Hair Loss

Getting to the Root of Hair Loss

Everything is permissible but not beneficial. Are you taking medication and experiencing hair loss at the same time? Sometimes we jump to the conclusion that stress, diet, and genetics are the cause for baldness. We need to reconsider immediately judging these 3 factors as the cause of hair loss or thinning hair, even worse baldness. The cause just might be your medication; the drugs that we use are not always beneficial, there might be some side effects. In this case let’s talk about your arthritis medication since they may be the culprit. Let’s find out what you can do to stop or control it.HairAgain-package

Many people tend to forget that there are many homemade and natural ways to help with your hair fall problems and one is with eggs and avocado. Mix them up and apply to wet hair to get the best effect. You need to rinse them well though before going to any of your activities or before going to bed. This goes with all the natural hair remedies that you will be using, there will be no problem using them with your soft soaps and shampoo to help them rinse well.

Another missed out part of preventing hair loss is that you must be healthy, physically and emotionally. Malnourished folks or under nourished folks tends to lose hair more than their healthier counterparts. Since people get most of the minerals and vitamins that we need for everyday living from our food supply and source, it is best to check our diet and keep it healthy. Protein is well known in the hair field to give out the best looking hair and making it firm and beautiful. If you have a rich diet of healthy protein then it is best to continue it until old age. Eating a variety of foods daily will also help you reach most of the daily supplement needs that your body is aiming for. So try not to stick to one diet source of food but with many multiple variations.

Your daily routine can make a difference on how your hair grows. Simple acts like how you comb your hair and how you dry your hair with a towel can make a difference. The tips covered in this article are very simple but sometimes we don’t pay attention to those small details. Treating your hair harshly or roughly can lead to unwanted breakage of hair. Like using strong chemicals extreme blow drying of hair; and we don’t want that to happen. Pampering yourself also goes a long way; take time to relax and distress, while you’re at it give your hair a hot oil treatment. It’s therapeutic both good for your hair and for you in general. Next is the most basic – take care of your health. It sounds so cliché that it is almost boring to do; but it makes sense. Our hair is a part of our body and needs the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong; yes it is as simple as that. Make that change today; live healthy and have healthy hair.

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